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Why Oscar Pistorius? Well, I wanted to do a quick portrait and a story came up about him on my Google News page with a decent photo. I’m learning about Kyle Webster’s oil brushes for Photoshop.

A Love Supreme – John Coltrane

The Stench of Honolulu by Jack Handey


I’ve read or listened to The Stench of Honolulu by Jack Handey  five times in the past couple of weeks. I start other books, but then I think of a funny Wrong Way Slurps moment and I go back. I guess I’ll give up on other books. They’re usually too long anyway.

Rey Kenobi (or Skywalker or Nunb or whatever)


I’m hoping Rey isn’t related to anyone else in the Star Wars but as a friend put it, “She is a kenobi bc they always tie it together bc kiddie movies always tie things together.”

Language and Litter (V. 2)


A grizzly, older man is driving us to a restaurant. I’m in the passenger seat. Friend Hanna and family sit in the back.


Miss Hanna, you have positive name. You know what name means? Happy.




The infinitive form of Hanna is *some word* means happy. Very positive name.




Happy. H-A-P-P-Y. Like:

(smiles at me, toothless)

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Merry Chestnuts!


We wish you a hap-hap-happiest New Year!

Babysitting Luke

Another Star Wars cartoon I wish I’d finished. Obi-Wan goes off to do the tractor beam while Han whimpers and Luke whines. Star Wars Uncut turned out awesome without it.

Here are some sketches for this video. I should have finished this.

HanSetup65-121c scene1-121 sketches1 sketches2

Luke unloading his X-Wing

This is the first bit of my unfinished scene for Empire Strikes Back Uncut. I wish I would have finished this.

Ken & Andy on Vacation

Very excited about this new project. It’s a two-pager for a comics anthology coming out next year as a WFMU marathon premium. What’s the subject matter, you ask? You’re right, it doesn’t.

The two characters in their tourist costumes:



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