Best Man Steve

Groomsman Steve

My gift for Best Man Steve was this caricature set in his beloved Azeroth. It’s tough to draw someone you’ve known since year one. His face in my mind is a stream of age in constant flux, at once kid, teenager, college age and adult.

Groomsman Steve and his caricature

Groomsman Florida

Groomsman Florida

I had a hard time presenting this caricature to my old friend FLA. Got a bit verklempt. Here he is running the lanes and staying behind his minions in League of Legends and letting you know with his glare that he shouldn’t be interrupted.

Steve, Eric and FLA

Groomsman Brent

Caricature of Groomsman Brent

My gift to each of my Groomsmen was a painting, a caricature with a quote and accoutrements. They’re important guys in my life, so I tried to pay tribute to them, not poke fun. It was hard. Here’s Brent, who loves nature and has an interest in Plott Hounds, despite/due to living near a Plott kennel.

Groomsman Brent with caricature