Shrimpenstein. A sixties tv show in the L.A. area. Shrimpenstein.


  1. This was my favorite show when I was in junior high school! I used to draw Shrimpy as best I could when I was supposed to be paying attention in class. Great illustration!!!!!

    • Hey, Dave! Thanks. You must have lived out in the LA area as a kid? I grew up in MI and didn’t know anything about Shrimpy until I found him on the web a few years ago. I think there are only a couple of episodes that have survived, but they’re very funny. I wish it could live on somehow.

      • There were a few of us who watched every day and loved it! It was definitely adult humor, for the most part, which was what made it such a funny show. I still know the theme song by heart! It was a very sad day when the news man/booth announcer guy took over when Gene and Jim were no longer doing the show. He was terrible. Gene Moss has a son who was the news guy on a local Los Angeles morning radio show for many years and is now a family therapist in the area. I also wish there were more shows available out there somewhere. Thanks again for bringing Shrimpy back to us after all these years! As Von Schtick would say…

        “Oh, SHUT UP!!”


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