“Big Baby” ten-pager

I adapted Mary Jo Pehl’s short story “Big Baby” as a comic. It’s from her hilarious book of essays, Employee of The Month And Other Big Deals

Read the comic:


If you haven’t read her book yet, buy it and treat yourself to some belly laughs.

Ken & Andy on Vacation

Very excited about this new project. It’s a two-pager for a comics anthology coming out next year as a WFMU marathon premium. What’s the subject matter, you ask? You’re right, it doesn’t.

Read the comic:

The two characters in their tourist costumes:



Georg Znaeym


The other half of the feud in The Interlopers, Georg Znaeym.

Urich von Gradwitz


The hate-filled landowner from Saki’s The Interlopers, Ulrich von Gradwitz.

I hate you Georg Znaeym!


Saki wrote this cool story called The Interlopers about two hunters with a serious grudge meeting in the woods one night. I’ve got some ideas for turning it into a comic.

Kingdom of Blizzards – Characters

Character drawings for Kingdom of Blizzards, my shelved graphic novel project. If you’re interested, you can read my story notes and see more sketches at the Kingdom of Blizzards page. If you read through the story, let me know what you think.

Kingdom of Blizzards Comic

I spent the month of September putting together a graphic novel pitch. Earlier this summer I read Alone on the Ice by David Roberts, the story of Douglas Mawson’s amazing feat of survival in Antarctica in the early 20th century. When I realized that the story made for a huge project, I put it on hold. Here are the first 12 pages where Mawson and his party endure polar hardships to discover the magnetic south pole.

Rough Pages

Book of Darkness

Book of Darkness

Maybe it would be fun to read this comic, like any ghost story, at night. Under the covers with a flashlight. I love ghost stories, especially on crisp October nights.

This comic came about as a submission for Illustration Friday‘s topic of the week, “book.” Nick Marsh wrote a very enjoyable, spooky bonus story for backers of the fundraiser to print “The Express Diaries,” called, “The Ausperg Affair.” The story mentions a poor man whose love for his dead wife sends him into the occult and madness. Nick’s good Cthuluery inspired this comic.

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Why does my eye hurt?

Why does my eye hurt?

All strong possibilities. Still not sure.

This one started as a doodle of the guy in panel 1 and just descended into madness from there. My eye is fine, really.

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Murder Most Meta

A murder mystery breaks the fourth wall

There once was a time when you could hover over the Inspector’s word bubble and see the image below.



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