The friendly folks at Non Sequitur Farms

Did this for my friends Ed and Hilary. Hope to see their farm in action sometime soon. Hope the chickens like me.

The Express Diaries – Progress update 1

watercolor and ink drawings from an upcoming illustrated book.

Making progress on illustrations for a book project set in the 1920’s on the Orient Express.

Doctor Who in “The Mind Robber”

Ink Wash drawing of Doctor Who, colored in Photoshop Doctor Who, the Second Doctor and his friends

Xavier University, the Board Game

Xavier University, the Board Game

Illustrated this for a Xavier University admissions brochure. It might even become a real game someday. Some process pics:

The happy inker

The happy inker

Goldilocks and the three bears of a college decision


goldilocks-illo-rough convention banner convention banner convention banner

Stan and Buddy hug it out

A squirrel and a bird are buddies.

A successful interview with bird and squirrel

A successful interview with bird and squirrel

Hell’s Bells

Hell's Bells ringing in my ears

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