Furry friends

Furry friends

Line up, furry friends. Character study for a picture book idea, trying to get these guys to look old and cute.


Doggie Treat

Treaters. Sardines on toast would be in my blue bubble. Yours?



Listening to 2001 extras while I work today. “However vast the darkness, we must supply our own light.” – Kubrick

T-Rex in floral setting

Tyranny with flower

Small tyrant lizard, big flower.



Tardigrade…sauripuff! A #POKEMON for @Sketch_Dailies. I learned about Tardigrades on the new Cosmos series.



Starting a new sketchbook with a Leprechaun. Sláinte, @Sketch_Dailies.

God save the Monkey King

Monkey King

It’s a Monkey King morning up in here for @Sketch_Dailies.

TF2 Color Study #2: Engineer

TF2 Engineer

Studying watercolor techniques with TF2 characters. I mixed the colors on my palette instead of layering for this engineer. Turned out more structural, colorful.

TF2 Color Study #1: Sniper

TF2 Sniper

Studying watercolor techniques with Team Fortress 2 characters. I layered colors on top of ultramarine blue tones for this sniper. Fuzzy, muted result.

Jet Jaguar

Jet Jaguar

The topic for @sketch_dailies was Ultraman, but I drew his first cousin once removed Jet Jaguar. More sketching in Photoshop on the Wacom tablet.

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