Babysitting Luke

Another Star Wars cartoon I wish I’d finished. Obi-Wan goes off to do the tractor beam while Han whimpers and Luke whines. Star Wars Uncut turned out awesome without it.

Here are some sketches for this video. I should have finished this.

HanSetup65-121c scene1-121 sketches1 sketches2

Luke unloading his X-Wing

This is the first bit of my unfinished scene for Empire Strikes Back Uncut. I wish I would have finished this.

Chuck & Meghan’s Happy Family of Five

Chuck and Meghan are adopting two little boys from China, reuniting two best friends.

This video is just the first act of the story. I can’t wait to add the rest.

Learn more:


Birthday Bubbles

Spring means bubbles for the Bing birthday boys.

Backyard Rain

Learning to shoot video with my DSLR. Beautiful rainy day today.

Holy Man

I’ve been itching to animate and hope to do a proper project someday. This is more of a sketch. Inspired by Dennis Wilson’s Pacific Ocean Blue. Made with Photoshop and Premiere CC.

Window Soul

Squirrel and bird give a masterful performance, but it’s a tough audience. I’ve had this little cartoon in the hopper for years. These are the storyboards and a temporary audio track.

[TF2] Stealing the Secret Crap

A Red scout steals Blu’s secret crap. 2Fort map, Team Fortress 2. Made with TF2’s Replay Editor and Windows Movie Maker 2.6. The song is “Drunken Pipe Bomb” from the TF2 soundtrack.

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