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“Big Baby” ten-pager

I adapted Mary Jo Pehl’s short story “Big Baby” as a comic. It’s from her hilarious book of essays, Employee of The Month And Other Big Deals

Read the comic:


If you haven’t read her book yet, buy it and treat yourself to some belly laughs.

Star Trek

I’ve been rewatching Star Trek: The Original Series lately. Lots of stuff I don’t remember, many new lessons to learn.

082916-sulu 083016-anon7

Frank Burly

From the hilarious “The Time Machine Did It” by John Swartzwelder.



I draw cartoons, comics, kids’ books and more for good folks like you. If I can help illustrate your story ideas, get in touch.

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Space Pilot Rex King

From an old pulp science fiction story.


The Mads are Back


My contribution to the fan art gallery for “The Mads are Back.

Mystery Science Theater 3000 stars Frank Conniff and Trace Beaulieu are taking movie riffing back onstage in their live show.

Ink and black watercolor on Arches cold press, then scanned, colored and lettered in Photoshop.

Random faces


Hunt for the Wilderpeople

I want to see this movie badly. Based on the off-beat Wild Pork And Watercress by Barry Crump. The soundtrack is great, too.


Something something post-apocalypse


Horned Toad and the Giants


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