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Babysitting Luke

Another Star Wars cartoon I wish I’d finished. Obi-Wan goes off to do the tractor beam while Han whimpers and Luke whines. Star Wars Uncut turned out awesome without it.

Here are some sketches for this video. I should have finished this.

HanSetup65-121c scene1-121 sketches1 sketches2

Luke unloading his X-Wing

This is the first bit of my unfinished scene for Empire Strikes Back Uncut. I wish I would have finished this.

Ken & Andy on Vacation

Very excited about this new project. It’s a two-pager for a comics anthology coming out next year as a WFMU marathon premium. What’s the subject matter, you ask? You’re right, it doesn’t.

Read the comic:

The two characters in their tourist costumes:



Serotona with Electro-Shock Powers

Just messing around with character design ideas for the main character in Frank Conniff’s awesome radio play, The Agoraphobic Action League.  She has electro-shock powers but they bring on severe depression when she uses them. Consequently, she’d rather lie down on the couch than fight crime.


Percolady, Assemble!


I’m enjoying Frank Conniff’s podcast, Podhouse 90. The Agoraphobic Action League is a classic. The one-liners bring laughs and groans, the fun kind, but most of all, it’s got heart. I can relate to its message about depression, I’m sure lots of people can. I can see it as a comic, something like those great Archie comics of yore.


Thanksgiving Day vocabulary list: innards, fascia, giblets, drippings, cavity, blood water, salmonella enterocolitis.

Georg Znaeym


The other half of the feud in The Interlopers, Georg Znaeym.

Urich von Gradwitz


The hate-filled landowner from Saki’s The Interlopers, Ulrich von Gradwitz.

I hate you Georg Znaeym!


Saki wrote this cool story called The Interlopers about two hunters with a serious grudge meeting in the woods one night. I’ve got some ideas for turning it into a comic.

My Favorite Art Teacher


The topic for Sketch Dailies today was ‪#‎MyFavArtTeacher‬. It was an easy choice for me. Mr. Wolfgang taught me so much more than art. I still can’t watercolor my way out of a wet paper bag, but the critical thinking skills he taught stuck.

I have a fond memory of a field trip where he played banjo on the bus. I wish I could remember the songs they sang. He played along with someone on guitar, but they were both drowned out by an excitable tambourine boy. Didn’t bother Mr. Wolfgang a bit.

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