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Chuck & Meghan’s Happy Family of Five

Chuck and Meghan are adopting two little boys from China, reuniting two best friends.

This video is just the first act of the story. I can’t wait to add the rest.

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Cincinnati, OH


I created this map of popular sites around Cincinnati for Xavier University’s website. Adobe Illustrator.

George Washington

George Washington

“George Washington’s brother, Lawrence, was the Uncle of Our Country.”

– George Carlin

Birthday Bubbles

Spring means bubbles for the Bing birthday boys.

Backyard Rain

Learning to shoot video with my DSLR. Beautiful rainy day today.

Made in China, Loved in Kentucky


My favorite of the three t-shirts I designed for friends Chuck & Meghan’s adoption fundraiser.

Holy Man

I’ve been itching to animate and hope to do a proper project someday. This is more of a sketch. Inspired by Dennis Wilson’s Pacific Ocean Blue. Made with Photoshop and Premiere CC.

Window Soul

Squirrel and bird give a masterful performance, but it’s a tough audience. I’ve had this little cartoon in the hopper for years. These are the storyboards and a temporary audio track.

Best Man Steve

Groomsman Steve

My gift for Best Man Steve was this caricature set in his beloved Azeroth. It’s tough to draw someone you’ve known since year one. His face in my mind is a stream of age in constant flux, at once kid, teenager, college age and adult.

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Groomsman Florida

Groomsman Florida

I had a hard time presenting this caricature to my old friend FLA. Got a bit verklempt. Here he is running the lanes and staying behind his minions in League of Legends and letting you know with his glare that he shouldn’t be interrupted.

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