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Now listen to me very carefully [#Inktober 2016][10/31]


Howler Monkey [#Inktober 2016][06/31]


Our howler monkey

Vera Rubin [#Inktober 2016][05/31]


Vera Rubin, Astronomer.

She went on to confirm the existence of dark matter — one of the most important milestones in the history of understanding space — by proving beyond doubt that galaxies spin faster than Newton’s Universal Law of Gravitation dictates they should.


As of 2016, she still hasn’t been awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for her accomplishments.

Piece of Steak [#Inktober 2016][04/31]


“He saw the danger, willed the act; but the arm was too heavy. It seemed burdened with a hundredweight of lead. It would not lift itself, and he strove to lift it with his soul. Then the gloved fist landed home.”

– Jack London, “Piece of Steak”

#inktober 2016, day 04/31

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