News from Pnakotus


He’s horrifying, what with those big crab claws and the googly eyes. He’ll be showing up as the icon for Yog-Sothoth.com’s podcast “News from Pnakotus.” He’s a member of “the Great Race” and his city, Pnakotus, is the Library City. So he reads a lot and probably from multiple sources at once.

I’m so hungry for crab.

Alone bad. Friend good.


TCM is bringing Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein to theaters tonight. I’ll be there in my platform shoes and neck bolts. Can’t wait!

The Silver Lodge


The Silver Lodge is a podcast about all things Lovecraftia from the folks at Yog-Sothoth.com. This is the art for the icon that shows up in iTunes.

Book of Darkness

Book of Darkness

Maybe it would be fun to read this comic, like any ghost story, at night. Under the covers with a flashlight. I love ghost stories, especially on crisp October nights.

This comic came about as a submission for Illustration Friday‘s topic of the week, “book.” Nick Marsh wrote a very enjoyable, spooky bonus story for backers of the fundraiser to print “The Express Diaries,” called, “The Ausperg Affair.” The story mentions a poor man whose love for his dead wife sends him into the occult and madness. Nick’s good Cthuluery inspired this comic.

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Mountain Man Photo Opportunity


There’s a mountain man near Hendersonville, NC who sits on his porch drinking a case of beer each day. Often, folks stop by to have their picture taken with him.

Why does my eye hurt?

Why does my eye hurt?

All strong possibilities. Still not sure.

This one started as a doodle of the guy in panel 1 and just descended into madness from there. My eye is fine, really.

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The friendly folks at Non Sequitur Farms

Did this for my friends Ed and Hilary. Hope to see their farm in action sometime soon. Hope the chickens like me.

The Express Diaries – Progress update 1

watercolor and ink drawings from an upcoming illustrated book.

Making progress on illustrations for a book project set in the 1920’s on the Orient Express.

Boxing out of the ropes

Watercolor sketch of boxer Claressa Shields at the Olympics.

Thinking good thoughts for Claressa Shields at the Olympics.

80’s Space Psychout Mode

Watercolor sketch of a bunch of weird dudes
No idea with this one. Something eighties, something spacey. Sketching with my brain toggled off.

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