A streamlined user experience for Xavier alumni.

The Xavier Alumni Association wanted to redesign their website with a more modern look and feel. We decided it would also be a good time to reorganize the content under a more consistent navigation scheme, add requested content and create new ways to communicate to alumni.

Xavier Alumni Website

The original alumni website used a 3rd party constituent management system. We decided to keep the online giving and calendar components of the original site but scrap the under-utilized social networking functions. I developed the bulk of the new website in Coldfusion, learning the language as I went. The various calendar elements of the new site use feeds from the old site but display them in a way unavailable in the original system. It’s all automated, to boot.

The new website was successful in increasing communication between Xavier and alumni, promoting events and fundraising and reducing manual updates to the site.

Visit: http://www.xavier.edu/alumni

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